Nipple Augmentation

Expert Nipple Augmentation Surgery – Perfecting your Look!

In your quest for more perfect breasts, you may have considered many surgical options. If youre unhappy with the size or shape of your nipples, a nipple augmentation may be the ideal solution; as it can reshape and even alter the nipple size through a few surgical techniques.This is a popular procedure for men as well as woman. This surgery is often performed with another plastic surgery procedure, usually breast augmentation.

Parts of a Nipple and Areola

  • Montgomery’s GlandsExpert Nipple Augmentation Surgery
  • Ampulla
  • Hair Follicles
  • Milk Duct Orifices
  • Milk Duct

Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can give you the look you desire, with an expert nipple augmentation done in any of our 4 luxurious full-service Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centers.

Choosing to have nipple augmentation done by our team of preferred plastic surgeons can offer you many life-changing benefits:

  • More proportioned nipples
  • Natural looking nipple shape
  • An improved profile
  • A perkier, more youthful look
  • Freedom to wear any style- no more covering up
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Reasons to consider Nipple Augmentation Surgery

Nipple augmentation involves the reduction, enlargement or re-shaping of the nipples. Many women are unhappy with the look and shape of their nipples after breastfeeding. Men often have a nipple augmentation done as a result of weight loss or a gynocomastia treatment.

If you are also having breast augmentation surgery, our talented surgeons can do a nipple enlargement in order to match the size and shape of the nipple, as well as the areola with the increased breast size, providing a more natural appearance. Nipple enlargements can also be done as a single procedure, and is performed on an out-patient basis.

Nipple re-sizing and re-shaping can be done safely and is a way to permanently re-adjust oversized nipples. Enlarged nipples can be caused by many factors such as breast feeding which can alter the shape and size of the nipples, making them longer and somewhat droopy.

Finding out more

At the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centers, you can have an expert nipple augmentation. Other exciting benefits include:

  • Reasons to consider Nipple Augmentation SurgeryFree, no-obligation consultation
  • Minimal or no scarring techniques
  • Relief knowing that your nipple augmentation is truly affordable
  • Caring experienced staff
  • World-class care in a full-service plastic surgery center

Our surgeons have performed thousands of nipple augmentations for people from all over the world. Our highly-trained staff welcomes you and looks forward to answering your Nipple surgery questions.

Your beautiful new look awaits put surgical expertise to work for you, and get results that exceed expectations. A blend of artistic and scientific procedures will build for you the breasts you have been dreaming of!

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