Under Eye Bag Surgery

Under Eye Bag Surgery. tighten and smooth the upper part of your face

If you avoid looking in the mirror because of unattractive, puffy bags under your eyes, now is the time to learn more about under eye bag surgery, at our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centers.

fat grafting to the midfaceDark under eye circles and puffy bags can be genetic and can often appear as we age. They create a harsh dark line that gives the upper face a tired, old and haggard appearance.

Under eye bag surgery has a few procedural approaches. One of the newest minimally intrusive options is; Transconjunctival lower Blepharoplasty which enters and removes through the inner lining of the lower eye area and can remove just the fat.

Unlike the upper eyelids where there’s usually too much skin and some fat; the lower eyelids have more fat then skin. Therefore unlike the upper eye where the majority of whats removed is skin the lower eyelids see the reverse, meaning that; the majority of whats removed is fat.

Procedural Benefits

BlepharoplastyBlepharoplasty lower eyelid surgeries are performed at all four of our fully certified plastic surgery centers in 90210 which can; safely remove puffy bags, tighten and smooth underlining hallows. Advances in under eye bag surgery are fast making this procedure one of the most sought after, with benefits like.

  • minimal scaring – no visible scaring
  • gets rid of bags and the darkness of the bags
  • eliminates swollen puffy bags
  • short in-patient operating room procedure
  • less bleeding
  • less bruising
  • no variance in original eyelid shape
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Risk and Complications of under eye bag surgery, lower Blepharoplasty

web.054A) Amount of skin and elasticity (laxity) in the lower eyelid; skin needs to butt-up organically with the globe of the eye

B) The skins tightness factor (the snap test) If the skin pulls away from or down from the eye without bouncing back, there could be a concern.

Our Expert ASPS Member Plastic Surgeon will address and measure both your skins tightness and laxity to; determine the right procedural approach for you.

Patients say they feel like their eyes appear healthy, lifted, and more open and awake. Under eye bag surgery can take 10- 15 years off your face. Youll wear less cover-stick and find yourself turning to the mirror time and time again, as you delight in finally seeing:

  • A well-rested, alert expression
  • More youthful, wide-awake, bag free eyes
  • An overall healthier, more glowing face

Refreshed Eyes, a Rejuvenated Spirit

This safe and successful procedure can eradicate unsightly puffy bags under your eyes. During youre under eye bag surgery, your talented surgeon, will make a small incision in your lower eyelid and remove the fat that is making your eyes look more tired than they should be. Your surgeon may also remove excess skin thats making your eyes appear old and drawn. The actual surgery time is usually about 1 1/2 hours or less.

how eyelid surgery is done and how it improves your look and feelOur teams of Beverly Hills Preferred Plastic Surgeons have decades of experience with under eye bag surgery and have served thousands of satisfied patients from around the world. You can trust our physicians in the centers and helpful, well-trained staff to give you the appealing, rejuvenated look youve been dreaming of, all with results that exceed expectations.

Our helpful staff will walk you through every stage of your under eye bag recovery, giving you all of the information you need to ensure your procedure results in a fresh, new look that will change your life for the better. The average recover time is about a 7 to 14 days. Youll experience a little swelling for about 3 day and bruising lasts a few days longer.

Improve your Looks, Empower Yourself

All four offices of our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centers are located in the heart of Beverly Hills 90210 and offer a calming, relaxing atmosphere youll notice the minute you walk through our doors. We are pleased to offer you.

  • FREE, no-obligation consultation for under eye bag surgery
  • Luxurious offices located just minutes from Rodeo Drive
  • Comprehensive out-of-town patient support services

Were committed to catering to your every aesthetic need, and we offer surprisingly affordable prices.

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